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Giza aka Douglas Muth's LiveJournal
Delaware Furbowl 23 report and pictures 
23rd-Jan-2011 09:38 pm
Leopard White Mage
Last night, I went down to Delaware for the Delaware Furbowl, run by kitt3ns. It was my first one ever, and I rather enjoyed it!

Group Shot Kitt3ns speaks Jaga

What some folks might not know is that I spent a good deal of time in league bowling when I was younger. 17 years, in fact! So naturally, I was happy at the chance to be able to bowl again, as well as hang out with other furries! One thing that was very cool about this event was that there were a few lanes set aside for "serious bowlers". I camped out on those lanes, along with whitefeet, Greywolf, Delray(?), and a couple of other folks.

<-- Casual Bowlers | Serious Bowlers --> Kojac Racer in his white Crux fursuit Strike!

I bowled 3 games in total, and shot: 118, 158, 187.

The lanes were really dry, which caused our balls to hook rather sharply in the last 5 feet of the lane. Once I got used to this, I was able to start making more strikes and spares, and did better in each subsequent game. I could have broken 200 in the last game had I not choked in the 10th frame. :-P

Protocollie Taquoe Fursuiter bowling

I remember after the event, some of us went to Wawa for sandwiches. I was still wearing my tail, and a couple of non-furries pointed to me and yelled, "Hey! Chester Cheetah!" Man, everyone thinks I'm a cheetah.

Vega bowls An otter bowling Fursuiter bowling

I very much would like to attend future Furbowls, the big challenge for me is just securing transportation down there and back, since I do not currently own a car. Trains are less viable for me for this event, since having to lug a 16 pound bowling ball around on the train is not fun.

The rest of my photos can be found here, but I'll leave you all with this final group shot:

Group Shot
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
24th-Jan-2011 04:12 am (UTC)

No idea. It was pretty cool, though.
24th-Jan-2011 05:31 am (UTC)
I've seen him in the occasional convention shot before. I think his costume is hilarious mixed in with all these furries.
5th-Feb-2011 08:47 am (UTC)
I, too, approve of Lego Guy, even though he is jarringly, photobomb-grade out of place in that fuzzy crowd.

In the interest of semantics, I wonder if he qualifies as a macrofigure? (cf)
24th-Jan-2011 09:28 am (UTC)
Remember there's always that 2-3% of costumers at a Furry con whose costumes have _nothing at all_ to do with Furry.

So, that's Lego Guy.
25th-Jan-2011 04:50 am (UTC)
Well, it is anthropomorphic -- an anthropomorphic brick! Not unlike the Catanimals, I suppose.

I was in a bowling league in high school -- I was the league secretary and had to compile all the statistics. So I wrote one of my first programs to help, using a Litton/Monroe programmable calculator that used punch cards with die-cut chads.

24th-Jan-2011 01:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you for these amazing shots, and the ones of me, of course. Nice action shot of me bowling. :D

Though I really hope they take this meet to a new venue. 137 people crowded into one section of the bowling alley makes for cramped conditions, and the poor bartenders, bowling cashiers and food preparers couldn't keep up with the demand. protocollie actually ended up waiting nearly an hour for his booze, and didn't get it until he went to complain to a manager.
24th-Jan-2011 02:08 pm (UTC)

I emailed kitt3ns privately to discuss some logistical issues.

That said, most bowling alleys just don't scale to large groups of people, unfortunately. It's just the way they're built.

(Deleted comment)
10th-Feb-2011 03:42 pm (UTC) - Re: Dropping this here: Fursuiter Job

Thanks. I'll spread the word.
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