Giza aka Doug Muth (giza) wrote,
Giza aka Doug Muth

ConClave 32 Report

I went to ConClave over the weekend. As a sci-fi con, I had the usual amount of fun. I went to a panel, dropped in on some filking, saw many folks I know (and drank with them), and generally had a good time.

As a furry con... not so much. There wasn't too much in the way of turnout from some local folks, and a SNAFU in the programming caused there to be even less furry programming than usual. I hope that some of these issues can be fixed for next year's ConClave.

I actually arrived a day early and visited some of the Michigan furries. I had much fun visiting with them, and taking the extra day off from work was definitely worth it.

The spoils of upgrading to First Class:
First Class Upgrade

girtygrin likes his booze:
Gir likes his booze!

A fox, a gryphon, and a tiger walk into a bar...
A fox, a gryphon, and a tiger walk into a bar...

The Chocolate Ritual:
Chocolate Ritual

It's a shame they didn't do a Holy Communion with Chocolate. That would have been like, totally wrong!

Derek Long will kick your ass!
Derek Long tries on my sunglasses

Yes, those are my sunglasses he's wearing.

Drunk Dialing evil_dwagon:
Karen drunk dials Furp

greenreaper is a total camera geek!
Geeking out over cameras

Dorsai Irregulars:
The Dorsai Irregulars Suite

Deer-flavored tequila:
Tequila with a deer on it
Yes, that's as scary as it looked. I don't think anyone touched the bottle the entire weekend.

Got Mouth Cancer?

I saw this sign in the Philadelphia International Airport on the way back. It struck me as being excessively snarky. I rather liked it. :-)

If anyone wants the full set of pictures, they can be found here. Enjoy!
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