Giza aka Doug Muth (giza) wrote,
Giza aka Doug Muth

Anthrocon 2007 and the 6-2-1 Rule

Some folks may be aware of the 6-2-1 Rule at furry conventions, which states:

- 6 hours of sleep per day
- 2 meals per day
- 1 shower per day

It is believed that following those rules will help reduce the chances of you being exhausted, catching con crud, or having an "aura" about you that may offend other attendees.

At the most recent Anthrocon, it was explained to me by one DI that their very own Dr. Bob Passovoy has now proposed the following version of the 6-2-1 rule for Anthrocon:

- 6 miles walked per day
- 2 snacks per day
- 1 nap per day

If you are not a member of the DI, do not attempt to follow the new rules. :-)
Tags: anthrocon, dorsai irregulars
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