December 17th, 2009

White Mage - Drawn by Mahrkale

Verizon DSL can't tell what OS you're running

A few days ago, I decided to be clever. I realized that while my Comcast Internet connection is nice, it's a single point of failure. If it goes down, I'm without Internet. I did some research and saw that Verizon was selling 1 Megabit DSL for $19.99 a month. It seemed like a good deal, and I'd have a backup here if my Comcast connection ever had issues. So, I placed the order.

The modem arrived today. Pretty fast shipping!

So, I installed it, and upon trying to load CNN, I get redirected to this page: (click this will resize your browser window)

Other than the fact that it rudely resizes your browser window, they merely want me to activate my DSL connection. Okay, that makes sense. So I enter my phone number and ZIP code, and then it makes me download some software. Wait a minute, this is starting to get silly... but I play along and install the software. Then this happens:

Verizon sucks, can't figure out what OS I'm running

Yep, in whatever reality that Verizon's programmers live in, OS/X 10.6.2 is less than OS/X 10.3. I don't understand it either.

I'm debating if I even want to continue troubleshooting. I might just cancel the service. This is your brain on Verizon DSL.