April 14th, 2009

White Mage - Drawn by Mahrkale

Ah, those silly Republicans who don't get technology

First, I'll quote the post from ontd_political:
Well known "conservative," columnist, and hard-core bigot Maggie Gallagher runs an organization known as "NOM." Contrary to the name, "NOM" is not for kittehs eating cheezburgers but in fact stands for "National Organization for Marriage." Their campaign uses many of the traditional stupid arguments to "fight" gay marriage. With the victories for gay marriage in Iowa and Vermont in recent weeks the NOM people decided they needed to "step it up" a notch and launch a NEW branded campaign to "save" marriage.

However, in a stunning show of ignorance the NOM folks decided to name their campaign "Two Million For Marriage" and in their own branding call it "2M4M." Yes, that's right, they named their anti-gay initiative with the acronym for "2 men for male," a personal ad code for a gay couple seeking a third for threesomes. This has invited a bunch of scorn in the media, alongside what's being directed at other conservatives for calling their "anti taxes" groups "teabaggers," again missing out on the sexual context.

In a show of complete Internet ignorance, however, NOM failed to secure the domain for their campaign, 2m4m.org. It was, instead, registered and used for a site called "Two Men For Marriage," which was built-out over the weekend and is featuring content that combats the fear, uncertainty and doubt that NOM is spreading.

I joked elsewhere that the Republican party is quickly turning into the "Grand Old White Guys Party", and an amazing lack of technology clue and slang clue like this certainly doesn't help the perception of that. Come on guys, is it really that hard to type "teabaggers" into Google?

(Incidentally, the Urban Dictionary term for "teabaggers" has already been updated to reflect recent SNAFUs.)

I'd sure like to see a distribution of age and gender in the Republican Party, including the mean and standard deviation on the age data.

Something I still don't understand is that with all of the problems facing our country, especially right now, with the economic recession/depression we have going on, why are these people fixated over denying equal rights to a small group of people? Don't they have better things to be doing, like, giving to charity, or volunteering in soup kitchens? You know, typical Christian values.