March 18th, 2009

White Mage - Drawn by Mahrkale

Been busy with PHP and Drupal things

It's been a busy week or so since I posted here last.

Over the weekend, I deployed some Drupal modules on a few sites that I manage. So now the Save Ardmore Coalition site has a tag cloud, and registered users may tag existing content with custom tags. I did the same thing on the Anthrocon website, their tag cloud is over here. I also played around with the "views" module and created some pages for all-time popular posts, highest rated posts, posts with the most comments, and posts with the most votes.

I heard from an old client of mine, who asked if I could debug some ancient PHP code. Something about PHP 3 code not working right under PHP 5. :-)

I got involved with another random programming project. This one is a volunteer gig, and more of a long-term project. I have some exciting ideas for things I'd like to do, and hope they'll save us all some time and effort, as well as increase code quality.

I played around with the Simpletest module for Drupal. The version for Drupal 5 seems to be a bit round around the edges, but useful for what I have in mind, since it will be a start.

I took a look at the docs for the Yii PHP Framework. It doesn't look so bad, and the documentation is fairly detailed. I have concerns about some of the naming conventions on their classes, and the fact that a lot of the classes are invoked via static calls. (Makes unit testing and dependency injection a little difficult...), but at least there was some thought put into the way things were done. (Are you listening, PHP team?)

I am getting ready for Furry Connection North next month. Last year's convention went really well for being a first year con, and I've been impressed at how well the preparations are proceeding for this year's con. It should be fun, or at least interesting. :-)