February 23rd, 2009

White Mage - Drawn by Mahrkale


film2edit (Chillymouse) came up to visit me for most of the weekend. On Friday night, we did sushi and plum wine and just hung out and chatted about recent events.

On Saturday, we went to the Franklin Institute and met up with roxikat, shortwave81, flight_line, and Zade(sp?). I got to play with some exhibits and made some toy vehicles in the "space exploration" section of the museum which I am quite certain were not street legal. :-P We also watched a documentary on caves in the Omnimax theater. The film included some obligatory "flying through canyons" scenes.

Afterward, we headed over to the Midtown Diner, only to discover it was closed. (oops) So we instead hiked about 8 blocks to the convention center and visited the pub there for dinner.

Chilly and I then caught the next train back home, and we inflicted the movie Super Troopers on ourselves. If there was ever a movie that made me want to get drunk, that would be it. Then we watched some Family Guy and South Park until we passed out.

On Sunday, I inflicted some Angry Video Game Nerd on Chilly, then we headed over to unclekage's place to help with sending out the first big batch of Anthrocon registrations. Then we watched a couple of 50s films, and departed our separate ways for the night.

Still waiting to hear the exact date of Furp's funeral. Sounds like it'll be towards the end of the week, though. Once the date is announced, I get to buy last-minute plane tickets, and hope the prices aren't too astronomical...