February 18th, 2009

White Mage - Drawn by Mahrkale

Two quick Drupal things

The folks running Drupal.org thought they would upgrade the site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 tonight and proceeded to take the entire site down, not even leaving a copy in any sort of "read only" mode. It was supposed to be back up by 5 PM EST. Clearly that has not happened yet. Not only has the Drupal team been not very forthcoming on what the holdup is, they have the nerve to ask for donations while the site is down.

I'm sure there's more to the story of the botched site upgrade than we know so far, and I'd love to hear their side of things when the upgrade is all said and done.

And in more positive Drupal news, the Obama team has embraced Drupal, by using it to power Recovery.gov. Good for them.

Full article: Why the White House's Embrace of Drupal Matters

Drupal is the same software that powers the Anthrocon website, my website, and many other websites out there. Naturally, I am pleased by this. :-)